Focus Core is a software development and management consulting firm specializing in business strategy, especially in the Information Technology sector. We work with clients in all industry sectors to identify high-value opportunities, address critical challenges, and transform their businesses. Clients ask us to diagnose and resolve a wide range of enterprise related IT issues, especially those that involve a broad cross-section of the business units.

Our IT expertise is generally categorized in one of four of the most critical areas of IT from a business perspective:

Solution Development
We have developed a wide variety of applications and All-in-One solutions that enhance our clients' ERP systems and reduce the implementation costs. Our bolt-on applications work seamlessly with our clients' ERP systems and optimize the business performance. Our industry specific All-in-One solutions provide a complete ready to use applications to fulfill our clients' needs and provide a total solution including the hardware, support and hosting.
We work with clients to use their systems to transform their operations and organizations, and to rev up the value in their value propositions.
We assist clients maximize the value of IT in their planning and thought leadership efforts, and help them develop realistic, yet aggressive, and strategic IT infrastructures based on attainable road maps.
Technical System Performance
We work with our clients to identify key performance success factors and metrics and help find specific ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness to achieve long and storied successes.

When we work with our clients on IT issues, we combine our proficiency and experiences with our management consulting strengths in strategy, general management and operations. Clients turn to us to diagnose and resolve a broad range of enterprise-related issues as well as the complex challenges facing large-scale IT system implementations.

Focus Core's IT management service offerings go beyond basic back office Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Our teams are led by IT industry veterans; we have great depth of understanding of Financial Systems, Asset Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), ERP, Supply Chain, and other industry-specific applications.

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